Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Services

Water in Oil?  Remove water + particulate quickly.

  • Removes Water Contamination (Free, Emulsified, and Dissolved) To Achieve Overall Moisture Content As Low As 20 PPM
  • Removes Particulate Contamination Utilizing Beta(c) > 1000 Rated Microglass Filter Elements to Achieve ISO Cleanliness Levels Down to 14/12/11 Or Lower
  • Removed Entrained Air and Gases
  • Can be equipped with Special Filter Elements to Remove Varnish and/or Acids

Help Meet or exceed your target ISO Cleanliness Code! 

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Global Industrial Solutions can provide Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Services, with the latest in technology Vacuum Dehydrators. Our Vacuum Dehydrators are suitable for use on a wide variety of hydraulic and lubrication oils. These machines are designed to efficiently remove moisture (free, emulsified, and dissolved) to overall water content as low as 20 PPM. They also come equipped with a single high-efficiency 5-Micron pleated micro glass filter element rated Beta(c)>1000 per ISO 16889, meaning that 99.9% of all particles 5-Micron and larger will be removed in a single pass. This element will enable you to quickly and reliably achieve very low particle counts to meet or exceed an ISO 17/14/10 Cleanliness Level, which is typically much cleaner than brand new oil.

What are the functions of a Vacuum Dehydrator?

The primary function of vacuum dehydration and purification is to remove free, emulsified, and dissolved water from oil, as well as solid particulate contamination. The secondary function of the system is the extraction of air, gases, and light hydrocarbon contamination from the oil. These functions are accomplished using the principles of low temperature vacuum distillation and micronic filtration.

The GIS Vacuum Dehydration Solution

Several design features enable our vacuum dehydrators to consistently outperform others on the market today:

  1. We utilize Permanent Dispersion Media in the vacuum chamber rather than coalescer filter elements, resulting in optimal water extraction rates and eliminating the need for frequent and costly coalescer element change-outs.
  2. Our systems utilize an internally lubricated "claw-style" vacuum pump, which pulls deeper vacuum and requires much less maintenance than other conventional vacuum pumps.
  3. We are equipped with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), which greatly enhances their overall performance on high viscosity oils, during cold start-ups, or when a restricted inlet condition.


  • Turbine oil
  • Paper machine oil
  • Gear oil
  • Hydraulic oil (including phosphate ester w/optional seal amp; coating package)
  • Transformer oil
  • Cutting and cooling oils
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Transmission fluids

“When You Need Your Oil to be Absolutely Clean and Dry”