Shell Turbo ® Oils T - Turbine and General Purpose R&O Inhibited Circulating Oils

Shell Turbo® Oils T are premium quality lubricating oils designed to provide excellent lubrication of steam turbines and many other industrial applications.  These oils are made from severely hydroprocessed (API Group II) base oils, which have  been carefully selected  to provide satisfactory viscosity/temperature characteristics, low foaming tendencies and good water separation properties.  In addition, they contain proven  additives to protect  equipment against rusting and to resist oxidation for long service life.  Shell Turbo Oils T are available in four ISO viscosity grades from 32 to 100.  Grade nomenclature conforms to the ASTM/ISO viscosity system. 

Turbine Applications Shell Turbo® Oils T have a long and successful record of  providing dependable turbine lubrication with excellent performance.  Shell Turbo® Oils T meet  the requirements of major turbine builders including GE, Siemens, Westinghouse, ABB Alstom, Elliot and Demag Delaval Steam Turbines.  The appropriate grade of  Shell Turbo® Oil T   used in a given application should be in accordance with the viscosity recommendation  of the equipment manufacturer.  General recommendations for the various kinds of turbines are:

General Applications

  • a wide range of lubrication applications
  • general purpose plant lubrication
  • non-anti-wear hydraulic and circulating oil systems
  • non-EP gear oil

Shell Turbo® Oils T  meet the American Standards Institute (ANSI)/American  Gear Manufactures Association  (AGMA) 9005-D94 requirements for R&O  oils.  Standards for machine tool lubrication  established  by the STLE include a classification for Hydraulic Fluid and General Purpose Lubricants



  • •  excellent oxidation stability
  • •  non-corrosive to metals
  • •  fast separation of water and good de-aeration properties


  • Alstom Power HTGD 90 117 and NBA P50001 
  • Siemens TLV 9013 04 
  • Cincinnati Lamb; P-38, P-55 and P-5

Meets or Exceeds Requirements 

  • General Electric GEK 28143A 
  • General Electric GEK 46506 
  • General Electric GEK 32568F 
  • Siemens/Mannesmann Demag 800 037 98 
  • Man Turbo SP 079984 D0000 E99 
  • Westinghouse 21 T0591 
  • Solar Turbines ES 9-224U 
  • ISO 8068 
  • ASTM D 4304, Type I (non-EP)  
  • DIN 51515 Part 1  
  • JIS K-2213 Type 2 
  • BS 489-1999