Shell Turbo ® Oil CC Lubricant for Turbines

Shell Turbo Oils CC are highly refined paraffinic (API Group II) turbine oils with a patented additive technology that provides improved performance over conventional turbine oils. Its unique combination of excellent oxidative stability, sludge control and surface properties make Shell Turbo Oil CC an excellent lubricant for emerging combined cycle turbine technology as well as existing gas and steam turbine plants. Shell Turbo Oil CC exceeds the major OEM specifications for gas, steam and highly loaded geared turbines.

















  • combined cycle turbine systems















    Note: Shell Turbo Oils CC are not recommended for use in aeroderivative (aircraft-type) gas turbines being used in industrial service. Because of extreme operating conditions and temperatures, these types of gas turbines require a special synthetic fluid; see Aeroshell Turbine Oils 500, 555 and 560.



    Turbo Oils CC Exceeds OEM Requirements

    *Test allowed to run past usual end point of 10,000 hours until acid number of 1.0 mg KOH/g reached

    Handling & Safety Information

    For information on the safe handling and use of this product, refer to its Material Safety Data Sheet If you are a Shell Distributor, please call 1+800-468-6457 for all of your service needs. All other customers, please call 1+800-840-5737 for all of your service needs. Information is also available on the World Wide Web:

    • large heavy-duty industrial gas turbines
    • smaller gas turbines found in a variety of applications where an ISO Viscosity Grade 32 mineral oil product is recommended
    • steam turbines
    • thermal energy turbines with heavily loaded gears
      • unique, patented additive technology, containing a multiple antioxidant system
      • extremely good thermal and oxidation stability
      • excellent sludge control
      • non-corrosive to metals
      • fast separation of water
      • good air release properties
      • Siemens TLV 9013 04
      • Alstom HTGD 90 117
      • General Electric Company GEK 32568F, GEK 101941A, GEK 28143A and GEK 46506D
      • Siemens-Westinghouse 21T0591 and 55125Z3
      • Siemens/Mannesmann Demag 800 037 98
      • GEC Alstom NBA 50001
      • Solar ES9-224U Class II
      • ABB-Stal VTI-3200-3
      • ABB-Stal K-110-812108
      • ASTM D 4304, Type II (EP)
      • DIN 51515 Parts 1 and 2 April, 2005
      • ISO 8068
      • JIS K-2213 Type 2
      • BS 489-1999
      • ISO 8068
      • JIS K-2213 Type 2
      • BS 489-199