Fyrquel® EHC Plus - Electro Hydraulic Control Fluid

Fyrquel® EHC Plus Electro-Hydraulic Control Fluid is a phosphate ester based fire-resistant fluid, and is  the latest  introduction to the Fyrquel® EH Series. This next generation product features the same superior self extinguishing fire properties exhibited from earlier generation Fyrquel® fluids, while providing added performance and sustainability benefits. These fluids are in the class of “non aqueous hydraulic fluids” and also referred to as “synthetic fire resistant fluids”. Fyrquel® fluids are both extremely difficult to ignite and inherently self extinguishing.  Other type synthetic fluids are  not self extinguishing. Critical equipment should use self extinguishing fluids to get the highest level of protection from leaking fluid fires. Please visit www.icl-ip.com and go to the Functional Fluids business unit icon to see a comparison of non-aqueous fire resistant fluid types.   

Fyrquel® fluids offer: 

  • Highest fire resistance 
  • Inherent self extinguishing property 
  • High oxidative and thermal stability
  • Good hydrolytic stability 
  • Excellent lubrication properties 
  • Rated readily biodegradable

Fyrquel EHC Plus OEM Approvals 

Fyrquel® EHC Plus meets or exceeds GE, Westinghouse, Alstom/ABB, Siemens and most other EHC equipment OEMs.

Fyrquel® EHC Plus New Generation Fluid Advantages

  • Improved air entrainment, less than 3 minutes 
  • Superior oxidative stability in high temperature services 
  • Made from more sustainable materials 
  • Fully miscible with used phosphate ester systems

Product Mixing  Product Mixing  

Fyrquel® EHC Plus is fully miscible with other Fyrquel® EH products and may be mixed or topped off in the same reservoir. However, when upgrading to Fyrquel® EHC Plus, a total fluid change is recommended to receive the full benefit of the next generation product.  This will also allow flushing or cleaning of the reservoir prior to the change. The only two exceptions to this guideline would be mixing a degraded fluid, identified by a >0.20 TAN fluid acidity condition, with new fluid. The first exception is when performing a corrective partial fluid change to a reservoir containing degraded fluid. Original Fyrquel® EH product should be used for the partial re-fill. The second exception is when performing a total fluid change when replacing degraded fluid. The system should first be cleaned and flushed to remove contamination prior to refilling with Fyrquel® EHC Plus. 

Maintenance & Handling  Maintenance & Handling 

Fyrquel® products are easily maintained in near original condition using standard off line chemical filtration.  The  Fluid Analysis service is available on request along with other service assists from experienced technical representatives. The new generation fluid products feature equal or better stability for continued long service life. Refer to Material Data Sheets (MSDS) for additional information, storage, handling, and transport guidelines. A review of the MSDS demonstrates that Fyrquel®products have similar profiles as conventional lubricants.

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