Fyrquel® Cleaning Fluid Data Sheet

Fyrquel® Cleaning Fluid is a formulated phosphate ester based product for the maintenance of Fyrquel® phosphate ester hvdraulic systems. It has  been designed to facilitate the cleaning of hydraulic systems which have been in service over many years or when deposits or debris have been encountered.  Fyrquel® Cleaning Fluid works by dispersing debris into the fluid which can then be easily drained from the system.  Fyrquel® Cleaning Fluid  offers the most complete cleaning sequence available.  Please consult with your ICL Supresta representative  prior to using this product.  

Directions for Use 

Fyrquel® Cleaning Fluid is added to a  hydraulic  system after draining used phosphate ester hydraulic fluid. Cleaning performance is improved at higher reservoir temperatures of 130°F-140 deg F. The hydraulic systern is operated using flushing procedures for 48 to 72 hours.  The system is then drained hot and the reservoir is cleaned. Phosphate ester rinse fluid is then placed into the hydraulic system.  A second flushing procedure is performed for 24-36 hours and the fluid system is again drained hot.  System is then  prepared for the installation of Fyrquel® service fluid.  After the first 48 hours of operation, a sample is taken and forwarded to ICL Supresta’s Technical Service Laboratory for confirmation of results.  Please review Material Safety Data Sheets for all products prior to handling and use.  Used product does not qualify for Fyr-Back® return.  Please consult with your HSE department for proper waste incineration guidelines. 

Typical Properties 

Personal Protective Equipment 

Please review MSD sheet for appropriate PPE including gloves and splash protection during handling