AeroShell Oil Turbine 560 - Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil

Aeroshell Oil Turbine 560 is a new third generation “low coking” 5 centistoke synthetic lubricating oil designed specifically for gas turbine engines.  This oil is blended from high quality “hindered” esters to produce exceptional thermal stability needed in today’s advanced engines.  It incorporates advanced additive technology and a fine balance of additives to resist the high temperatures generated by turbine engines.  These carefully selected components result in a product  which greatly reduces the deposits caused by high  temperature conditions and improves overall engine performance.  Always check with the manufacturer for the exact recommendation for each application. 


  • Jet aircraft turbine engines 
  • Helicopter turbine engines 
  • Helicopter gear boxes and transmissions 
  • Industrial gas turbine engines 
  • Constant speed drives 
  • Features/Benefits 
  • Keeps engines cleaner compared to engines using Type II fluids 
  • Provides improved load carrying capacity 
  • Prolongs bearing life 

Approvals and Recommendations 

  • MIL-PRF-23699F Classification HTS  
  • DERD 2499 OX-27 
  • DEF STAN 91-101 
  • Allied Signal – TFE 731, TPE 331, APUs (majority of models) 
  • Allison – EMS-53, 250 Series  
  • BMW/Rolls-Royce – BR710 
  • General Electric – D-50 TF1, GE 90, CF6 (all models) CJ610, CF700, CT58, CF34 
  • Pratt & Whitney – 521C Type II, JT3D, JT8D, JT9D, PW4000 Series, PT6T, PT6A (some models only) PW100, JT15D, PW200, Series, PW300 Series, PW500 Series, PW901A APU 
  • Rolls-Royce – Trent, RB211-22B, -524, -535, Spey, Tay, RB183, Adour 
  • Textron Lycoming  - LTS 101, LTP 101 
  • Turbomecca – Arriel, Makila, RTM 322, TM 319, TM 333, TP 319, various models of Astazou and Artouste engines 


Handling & Safety Information 

For information on the safe handling and use of this product, refer to its Material Safety Data Sheet at  For more information and availability, call  1+800-782-7852  or visit the World Wide Web: