Oil Flushing

Oil Flushing - Turbines, Hydraulics, Compressors

What is an Oil Flush?

The failure of one or more key components or the presence of carbon and/or varnish build-up can severely compromise equipment reliability, especially with large, complex equipment like stationary engines, turbines, paper machines, and plastic injection molders. When this happens, the associated lube system may require flushing and filtration to meet specified cleanliness levels.
Your GIS engineer may recommend this Integrated Lubrication Service (ILS) on the basis of an equipment inspection. This service offers an oil flush of the lubricant circulation system.

When is a High Velocity Flush Needed?

  • Excessive Bearing + Rotor Scoring
  • Discolored/Scorched Oil
  • Sticky + Unreliable Control Actuation
  • Catastrophic Failures

Potential Benefits

  • Reduction of unscheduled downtime
  • Reduced parts & lubricant expenses
  • Lower maintenance labor costs
  • Reduced used lubricant disposal costs

Call for Information

GIS engineers work with plant personnel to:

  • Identify critical production equipment and implement objectives that help ensure optimal performance
  • Develop circulation system cleanliness specifications in conjunction with equipment builder and filtration supplier
  • Coordinate arrangements with the ILS provider who will arrive on-site to:
    • Complete the oil flushing of circulation piping and related elements
    • Gather key baseline and other relevant data for inclusion in the report


  • Prepare an Engineering Service Report that:
    • Details the lubricant treatment steps completed
    • Documents the lubricant cleanliness level prior to and after treatment
    • Recommends steps to maintain lubricant system cleanliness such as routine Oil System Preventive Maintenance
    • Provides an estimated value of the service to the customer
  • Distribute and present the completed report to plant management and key personnel

GIS’s Oil Flushing Solutions remove contamination to get your plant up and running.  We use the most extensive variety of oil flushing equipment in the industry.

GIS is available to perform filtration services while your plant is running, on a scheduled shut down, during the weekend, and most importantly in all Emergency Situations.  We are there for you 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week!