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LUMINOL Bi Electrical Insulating Fluid

LUMINOL Outperforms Naphthenic Electrical Insulating Oils

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Petro-Canada’s LUMINOL family of electrical insulating fluids represents a breakthrough in electrical insulating fluids technology. Unlike naphthenic mineral oils, LUMINOL uses Petro‑Canada’s ultra-pure severely hydrotreated iso-paraffin base fluids to help minimize power loss and maximize your productivity. These fluids contain no corrosive sulphur that may lead to transformer breakdown.
LUMINOL fluids withstand energy spikes, as well as hot and cold weather extremes, better than naphthenic electrical insulating oils. Thanks to their naturally high oxidation stability, LUMINOL fluids resist breakdown longer and help provide extended service life. So you spend less money on routine transformer maintenance and fluid top-up, and less time worrying about your transformers’ efficiency.
LUMINOL delivers worry-free, corrosive sulphur-free performance in your transformer.

Environmental, Health & Safety Benefits

LUMINOL fluids in your transformers can help reduce disposal costs and the potential impact of spills, as well as answer possible community concerns about transformer oil toxicity. Petro‑Canada produces LUMINOL fluids using the patented HT purity process combined with Hydroisomerization. These ultra-pure fluids are inherently biodegradable in natural environments, free of carcinogenic polynuclear aromatics (PNAs) and virtually non-toxic. As well, LUMINOL’s negative gassing tendency and high flash point help reduce the risk of fire and explosion.

Facts about LUMINOL Bi

LUMINOL Bi are ideal for use in large power and distribution transformers operating at peak capacity as well as free-breathing units, pad mount, and pole mount transformers; for commercial, industrial and institutional applications:

  • For use in large power and distribution transformers operating at peak capacity:
  • LUMINOL Bi for Type II applications
  • Also for use in free-breathing units, pad mount, and pole mount transformers
  • Excellent heat transfer characteristics and oxidation stability
  • High dielectric impulse strength and low power-factor (dielectric loss) for improved performance under severe conditions
  • Full compatibility with existing naphthenic insulating oils

Colourless and odourless


Demonstrated Characteristics Include:

  •  Excellent heat transfer capability to help enhance transformer performance.
  •  Outstanding oxidation stability to help extend service life of load tap changers.
  •  Low power-factor (dielectric loss) to reduce thermal runaway under conditions of high electric stress.
  •  Full compatibility with existing naphthenic insulating oils, which enhances the performance of the combined fluids.
  •  LUMINOL Bi contains no corrosive sulphur compounds and does not require passivators.

 LUMINOL Bi is colourless and odourless.