Hybrid Breathers

The Hydroguard™ hybrid breather is the ideal solution for the management of lubricant condition in washdown applications or high humidity environments where there are increased incidences of gearbox and lubricant failure due to moisture ingress.

Prevent In-Service Lube Degradation

Ideal for gearboxes and other low flow applications, such as pumps, bearing houses and storage drums and totes, Hydroguard™ hybrid breathers offer superior protection and optimize reliability of lubricants and related machinery.

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Next Generation Breather Technology

The patented hybrid design combines the functions of filtration, desiccant and membrane technology into one cost-effective package to effectively eliminate ingression of dirt and water through the filler/breather ports.

A major benefit of the hybrid breather is that lubricants are virtually isolated from surrounding contaminants. The system “breathes” yet can withstand driving rain or direct wash-down spray. A diaphragm allows for expansion and contraction of air within the casing as a result of temperature variation during steady state operations. Enclosed filter media protects down to 3µ, while the desiccant stack prohibits moisture entry.


Controlled Breathing Mechanism

What really differentiates the Hydroguard™ breather from competing models is its “controlled breathing” mechanism. Check valves provide slight system pressurization that allows for controlled breathing without excessive temperature build-up. The system breathes only when pressured to do so, and then the air is cleaned and dried before it is introduced into the system, ensuring a clean, dry headspace. This control mechanism also prevents premature saturation of the silica gel and extends the breather time life, a problem not as easily tackled by standard desiccant breathers exposed to extreme moisture.

Models, Accessories & Installation Methods

The Des-Case Hydroguard™ breather handles air volume caused by thermal expansion and contraction only. The threaded standpipe design can easily be adapted to any size reservoir opening.

Hybrid Breathers
Model # Diameter Height Water Adsorption Flow Rate Connection Size
DC-HG-8 4.1" / 10.41 cm 9.75" / 24.76 cm 4.05 fl. oz. / 120 mL 2.5 cfm 1" threaded
Optional Accessories
Model # Description Connects …
DC-12-T Field Adapter Connects standard breather or Hydroguard™ to 6-hole flange opening
DC-15-T Flange Adapter Connects standard breather or Hydroguard™ to 1.5" bayonet-style opening

Des-Case hygroscopic breathers are designed for installation on most equipment regardless of location. For installation in tight areas, Des-Case offers accessories for remote mounting. Because of the self-adjusting design, Hydroguard™ breathers may be installed on a hot or cold system. Periodic visual inspection of the check valve is recommended.