HIAC PODS - Portable Oil Diagnostic System

Intelligent and robust, the HIAC Portable Oil Diagnostic System (PODS) measures, stores and reports oil condition parameters essential for reliable hydraulic systems operation. The PODS analyzes fluids and lubricants in online or bottle sampling modes to determine the machine’s operating condition immediately.
This instant analysis is as accurate and precise as traditional laboratory analysis that normally takes weeks. Thus, providing a realtime assessment of the oil under operating conditions.

The HIAC PODS monitors the dirtiest of fluids due to its concentration limit of 30,000 particles/mL. Superior optics and design provide eight channels for particle counting, as well as measurement of viscosity and
temperature to assess fluid conditions. Versatile in operation, the PODS offers compatibility with standard hydraulic fluids, oils and phosphate esters. A rugged carrying case ensures durability and the convenience of portability. The HIAC PODS contains a buffer for 500 records. The PODSControl analysis software provides real-time data download and visualization, as well as data analysis, formatting and reporting.

The HIAC PODS features a wide array of reporting formats, including ISO 4406, NAS 1638 and SAE AS 4059. The PODS can report to both the new MTD μm(c) sizes (4/6/14) or to the previous ACFTD μm sizes (2/5/15). Unlike other portable particle counters on the market, the PODS unit fully supports the ISO 11171 standard. Whether calibrated to the new ISO 11171 standard or the optional ISO 4402 standard, the PODS meets industry demands.

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Features Applications

• Efficient and intuitive to use
• Immediate laboratory-quality onsite results
• Reports SAE and ISO cleanliness
classifications, 4/6/14 μm(c)
• Harmonizes NAS 1638 to new MTD calibration
• Full ISO 11171 calibration options
• Standard bottle and online modes
• Multiple language support


• Allows for proactive maintenance
• Monitor system operations
• Extend system reliability
• Certify manufacturing “roll off”
• Identify maintenance cycles
• Schedule repair periods
• Track online system cleanliness

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