Harvard Hydraulic Filter Elements

Harvard Corporation® wants to dry up an ocean of liquid waste through its innovative Constant Contamination Control filters and filtration systems. Harvard Filtration Systems provides solutions to reduce warranty and operating cost.

Putting the Harvard Filtration System on your machinery will keep the investment clean and operating. 70-80% of Hydraulic failures are due to contamination. Without the Harvard Constant Contamination Control the oil can accelerate the contamination that causes premature wear, increasing warranty cost.

Harvard makes hydraulic filter elements to accommodate a wide variety of equipment requirements and configurations.

Extending the service life of lubricants, coolants, hydraulic oil, and refrigerant oil can eliminate millions of gallons from the waste stream and extend equipment life. Harvard brand filters remove moisture and damaging particles down to a single micron in size. This extra protection helps extend the life of lubricants, engines and equipment while reducing maintenance costs.

Harvard brand filters are state-of-the-art in fluid filtration.  Harvard brand filters have a nominal rating of one micron. Oil should be filtered each time it is transferred from one vessel to another because additional contamination is inevitably introduced whenever oil is handled.

  Harvard Filter Element

Harvard Hydraulic Filter Element

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