Fyrquel ® Industrial Fluids

Global Industrial Solutions offers the following Fyrquel® Fluids:

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Fyrquel® Electro-Hydraulic Control Fluids are phosphate ester based fire-resistant fluids formulated with trixylenyl and or butylated phenyl phosphates. The fluids are in the class of “non aqueous hydraulic fluids” sometimes referred to as “synthetic fire resistant fluids”. Fyrquel® fluids are both extremely difficult to ignite and inherently self extinguishing.
Other type synthetic fluids are not self extinguishing. Critical equipment should use self extinguishing fluids to get the highest level of protection from leaking fluid fires.

The fluids offer:

  • Highest fire resistance;
  • Inherent self extinguishing property;
  • High oxidative and thermal stability;
  • Good hydrolytic stability;
  • Excellent lubrication properties; and
  • Rated easily biodegradable.

Product Mixing

The Fyrquel® products listed in the above box are fully miscible with each other and may be mixed or topped off in the same reservoir. However, when upgrading to a newer generation fluid, we recommend a total fluid change to receive
Product Bulletin

Fyrquel® EHC meets or exceeds GE, Westinghouse, Alstom/ABB, and most other EHC equipment OEMs.
Fyrquel® EHC-N meets or exceeds Siemens, Alstom/ABB specifications for a trixylenyl phosphate product with low air release time.

Maintenance & Handling

Fyrquel® products are easily maintained in like new, clean condition using standard off line chemical filtration.

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