What do Des-Case ® Air Breathers do?

Reduce Contamination

In any reservoir containing fluids or semi-solids, air is breathed in and out as the fluid level changes or as thermal expansion and contraction occurs. Fluid contamination is the primary cause of component wear and lubricant failure in industrial equipment. Des-Case breathers attack the cause of contamination, allowing your equipment and lubricants to run longer and harder.

Easy to Install & Replace

Des-Case breathers replace the standard breather cap or vent tube on a tank or reservoir. They are easy to install using one of several adapters designed for different applications. The breather is outfitted with a resilient nylon standpipe and a clear polycarbonate body which allows for easy monitoring of the high-contrast silica gel.

Air Filtration & Water Removal

As wet, dirty air is drawn through the unit, multiple 3-micron polyester filter elements remove solid particulate and the color indicating silica gel extracts moisture. When air is expelled from the container, the top foam pad prevents oil mist from contacting silica gel or entering the atmosphere.

High Quality Product

From the core standpipe to the tough polycarbonate exterior, every element of Des-Case’s disposable standard breather has been designed to stand up to the wide variety of industries and applications taking advantage of Des-Case’s contamination control expertise.

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