Extreme Duty Breather

Every element of Des-Case’s Extreme Duty Disposable Breathers has been designed to take contamination control to a whole new level, standing up to a wide variety of applications in challenging environments. Des-Case extreme-duty breathers attack the cause of contamination, keeping dirt and water where it belongs – out of your equipment.

Sizing Chart

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Ideal for Harsh Environments

  • Automotive grade molded housing for increased vibration resistance
  • Ideal for harsh environments, high temperatures, and mobile and nautical applications
  • Multi-tiered filtration process
  • Water vapor adsorbent
  • Optional check valve system extends product life even further
Extreme Duty Breathers
Model # Diameter Height Flow Rate Water Adsorption Connection Size
DC-XD-6 5.1” / 12.95 cm 6.51” / 16.54 cm 16 cfm @ 1 PSI 10.72 fl. oz. / 315 mL 1½-16" UN female

Mounting Methods

An adapter may be required. Please choose from various size options.

Model # Description
DC-XDVA-12M Vent Valve Adapter
DC-DSA10 1" Threaded Adapter
DC-DSA17 ¾” Threaded Adapter