Donaldson Triboguard (DT Series) High Efficiency Filters

Our new and improved pleat pack offers even better uptime protection


Compleat Redesign

You asked for better filtration. You got it again. Our engineers redesigned our pleat pack to give you up to 73% more dirt-holding capacity than previous Donaldson® Triboguardfilters AND up to a 47% lower initial pressure drop.


Compleat Protection

Every hydraulic system has suspended particles in its fluid. Contaminants grind and wear at the surface of moving parts, introducing even more particles into the system. These contaminants cause more than 70% of all hydraulic system downtime. The new and improved Donaldson® Triboguard™ filters offer you better protection from the particles and contaminants that reduce the effectiveness of lubricant and hydraulic fluid.


Compleat Confidence

Downtime isn’t an option. If you’re not productive, you’re not profitable. Better protection means better productivity, and that boosts your bottom line. Protect your uptime with Donaldson® Triboguard™.



How uptime protection works

New and improved Donaldson® Triboguard™ filters feature an advanced pleat pack design that provides premium protection for your system:



Donaldson® Triboguardreplacement elements are engineered to fit many competitive applications including some of the most popular listed below.