Oil Purification System Equipment

GIS maintains a large Rental Fleet of filter carts, vacuum dehydrators and varnish removal systems. 

  • Filtration Carts

    Filtration Carts

  • Varnish Mitigation

    Varnish Mitigation

  • Vacuum Dehydration

    Vacuum Dehydration

  • Filtration Skids

    Filtration Skids


GIS’s goal is to provide Solutions to our customers by offering a large Sales & Rental Fleet of filtration equipment to keep plant assets clean and dry. Disposing of oil and other fluids is costly, but left untreated, contaminated fluids can lead to lost productivity due to equipment downtime and maintenance problems. By reclaiming fluids (removing all water, particulate and acid contaminants) you can extend the life of your equipment, reduce high maintenance costs and improve productivity and profitability.

We can ship any products to your facility anywhere on the globe.  

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