Chemical Cleaning Services

Benefits of Chemical Cleaning

  • Reduced Downtime: cleans while your equipment works
  • Completely oil-soluble cleaner& non solvent: works with existing oil
  • Prolongs equipment life by removing varnish & other contaminants
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When compared to mechanical cleaning methods, GIS’s Chemical Cleaning Solutions can reduce downtime, exposure to toxic materials and environmental hazards, while helping the plant run more efficiently.

GIS offers a pro-active approach to Chemical Cleaning. GIS will benchmark the facility to identify all key process equipment that would benefit from a chemical cleaning program over the next run cycle. We then collaboratively develop an annual work scope, complete with a cost benefit analysis and implementation plan. Our pro-active approach reduces the guesswork on where and when chemical cleaning should be applied.

GIS offers the most up to date chemical cleaning technologies to remove residual oils, corrosion products, water hardness deposits, and other foulants from industrial process equipment. The combination of our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team provides our clients with guaranteed results.

What is a Chemical Cleaning do for a Turbine System?

Chemical Cleanings are used to remove Varnish from Turbine Systems. They are usually used when the turbine oil has exceeded its useful life.

What product/s are used to perform a Chemical Cleaning on Turbine Oil?

Debois Step 1: oil-soluble cleaner is a clear, amber-colored liquid formulated to remove varnish, carbon, sludge and small amounts of water from oil systems. The Step One product contains a blend of powerful carbon and varnish removers, dispersants, emulsifiers and rust inhibitors. It does not contain solvents.

How long does a Chemical Cleaning take?

The additive runs in the system for 3 days. Then you perform high velocity flushing of base oil, tank cleaning if necessary, and refill of reservoir with new fluid. 7-14 days depending on services.

What is the process of Chemical Cleaning?

  • Add Debois Step 1 to turbine oil system while the turbine is still in service.
  • Continue running turbine run with Debois Step 1 in turbine oil for three days.
  • Shutdown turbine- Stroke Valves at temperature and remove all turbine oil from turbine and reservoir.
  • Perform Tank Cleaning at this time.
  • Add a Neutral ISO VG 32 base oil to the reservoir up to the level of the pumps.
  • Pump product through system with pumps at temperature.
  • Perform this process 2 more times!
  • Refill Turbine Oil Reservoir with virgin filtered turbine oil.

Why perform Chemical Cleaning and not Varnish Removal?

  • Faster process for Varnish Removal.
  • Customer may be switching turbine oil products.
  • This process de-varnishes the entire system: bearings and pumps!