Balanced Charge Agglomeration

What is BCA Technology?

BCATM is designed to balance the net charge on contamination within the oil. The fluid is split into two equal paths. All fluid particles in one path are given a negative charge and all fluid particles in the other path are given a positive charge. When the two paths of fluid are recombined, the positively and negatively charged particles attract and grow in size, making them easily filterable. The net charges on the particles and the fluid are balanced, creating an environment which both prevents and removes varnish deposits.

BCATM does not adversely affect additives within the oil because only non-soluble particles are removed. In many cases, the BCATM technology improves the conditions that most additives are designed to change.

The Process

bac process

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BCA Benefits

  • Removal of pre-existing varnish
  • Sub-micron particle removal
  • Enhances current filtration
  • Highest flow rates in the industry
  • Extended equipment life


  • Variable Flow
  • Viscosity: 220cSt @ 40C
  • Explosion Proof Option
  • Fluid Temp: 65 to 200 F

HR Capacity: 1200 GPH / MR Capacity: 600 GPH

What’s your next step?

  1. Rent your HR or MR unit for a week or as long as you need
  2. Purchase an HR or MR unit for your plant
  3. GIS can come on-site and provide a full-service solution to help remove varnish and maintain system cleanliness.