About Us

Global Industrial Solutions is a Service division of Alexis Oil Company, a lubricant marketer operating in Southern California since 1985. Alexis Oil Company began offering filtration and Vacuum Dehydration Services to its lubricant customers in 1991. At that time due to lack of technology and demand for such services, the cost of providing such services were exorbent, and limited to a few select customers. In the past ten years- due increased lubricant costs, technological developments in equipment, and increased awareness of reliability manufacturing- filtration products and services have grown exponentially.

GIS has grown with the industry offering the latest technological developments, increased product offerings and an expanded Coverage area. In 2003 Global Industrial Solutions incorporated and began offering Services throughout California. In 2006 GIS became a Chevron Isoclean Service Provider for the throughout the Southwestern United States. Since that time, GIS has expanded its Service Coverage to the entire Western United States, and  Product Sales throughout the Nation. We are committed to providing customer centric solutions and helping to preserve a valuable natural resource.